What we are doing
During a trip to Norcia to make a  purchasing of local products, to help the stranded economy, we knew Fabiana and Norma, after listening to some of their history and the difficult situation in which they were after the earthquake, we decided to help them.
Not with the usual text message or through donations, where you do not know where the money really goes, but directly and with full control.
So we bought a Laika caravan and we were able to deliver it on December 30th and after seeing the condition in which they were temporarily housed, we noted, they where missing the kitchen.
On 31 December, we bought a fully equipped kitchen and despite the snow and bad weather it was delivered and mounted on January 6th.
We joined forces and put together an incredible team of great people who helped in every way and according to their possibilities.
All this has been possible thanks to the contribution of:
Alessandro Bruni
Simonetta Losi
Claudio Bruttini
Angela Rogani
Luca Marchetti
Susanna Fantozzi
Patrizia Piccioni
Carlo Menoni
Maria Rosaria Longo
Lucia Longini
Dieter Gass e i Piloti AUDI Sport
Elisa Ferrara
Stefania Marsili
Marco Anselmi
Letizia Nucci
Chiara Lonzi
Letizia Barbagli
Vittorio Simonelli
Paola Mereu
Lucia Ciatti
Lorenzo Giorgi
Fabio Torsellini
Paolo Giachetti
Maura Zane
Marzia Vanni
Florin Aciu
Mauro Zeppi
Luigi Martone
Paolo Capaccioli
Riccardo Del Ciondolo
Roberto Corsini
Paolo Romagnoli

Proving that a drop of hope in a sea of desperation still it does a lot.
The wish to Fabiana and Norma to have a bit of comfort, despite having lost almost everything they had. And if you, ladies,need more help, WE are here, ready!!!